Wendy’s Comes Off The Top Rope With Brutal Julian Edelman Roast

Julian Edelman

Getty Image / Mike McGregor

Wendy’s has built a reputation for roasting people and other organizations, as they’re one of the first companies to utilize that style of marketing.

Well, the company took part in National Roast Day. In doing so, they hit Julian Edelman with a brutal roast for no particular reason.

The social media team for Wendy’s conducted a roast of everyone and everything for as long as they could. For whatever, Edelman found himself as a casualty out of nowhere.

The former New England Patriots wide receiver made a comment that “no insult will hurt as much as Ray Lewis tackling you.”

Wendy’s went out of its way in an attempt to prove Julian Edelman wrong.

Sheesh. Edelman was over here just minding his own business. Then out of nowhere, Wendy’s basically RKO’d him off the top rope and then followed it up with a Stone Cold Stunner.

Julian Edelman might have to lay low for a little bit after that one.

The former star receiver hasn’t responded just yet. He may be waiting to drop a new podcast episode to do that.

Regardless, Wendy’s wins the roast battle. There really isn’t much for Edelman to even say about it.

He might as well just ignore it and move on with his life. However, it’d be hilarious if he can find a way to roast the popular fast-food company.

We’ll see if he can pull it off, but for now, all is quiet from Julian Edelman. Shoutout to Wendy’s for continuing to be an absolute menace on social media.