West Viriginia’s Bob Huggins Reportedly Arrested For DUI During Offseason That Was Already Going Pretty Poorly

West Virginia's Bob Huggins

Getty Image / Kevin C Cox

This year’s offseason really couldn’t be going much worse for head West Virginia basketball coach Bob Huggins.

The long-time coach has spent a lot of time in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

It started with a comment from Huggins about the Xavier basketball team during an appearance on a radio show earlier in the offseason.

While discussing his time coaching the Cincinnati Bearcats and the team’s rivalry with Xavier, Huggins used a homophobic slur to describe his former rival’s fans.

Many called for Huggins to lose his job at the time, but the university ended up deciding to suspend him for 3 games and cut his pay.

Just over a month later, Huggins now finds himself back in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

According to ESPN, a police report revealed that Huggins was arrested last night for a DUI.

According to the report, Huggins has a .21% blood alcohol level at the time of his arrest, which is over 2.5 times the legal limit. The report also states that officers found trash bags full of beer cans both inside the car and in Huggins’ trunk.

Huggins’ job already didn’t seem to be all that secure following his comments on the radio. His contract was only guaranteed for next season to begin with.

Now you have to wonder if there’s any way West Virginia can keep him around following this latest incident.

Bob Huggins has had a long run with the West Virginia Mountaineers, but it’s looking like he’s going to bring about the end to that run with his off-court issues.