White Sox Outfielder Adam Eaton Ran Face-First Into a Fence at Full Speed, Got Hurt

Chicago White Sox center fielder Adam Eaton really thought he had a chance to catch this home run off the bat of Texas’ Adam Rosales. Otherwise he might have noticed the warning track or fast-approaching chain-link fence. In an alternate universe, he realized the ball was uncatchable and pulled up short of the wall. Sadly, in this universe, he played crash test dummy with his own face.

This type of crazy hustle is a staple of Eaton’s game, unfortunately to his own detriment at times.

Eaton, whose gung-ho style has been a topic of conversation because of the risks it presents to his health, has missed 22 games with a variety of injuries to his legs, wrist and hand. He was on the 15-day disabled list in May with a strained right hamstring.

You know the phrase “discretion is the better part of valor?” No? Neither has Eaton.

[Gif via Busted Coverage]