Here’s The Real Reason LSU Beat The Florida Gators (Hint: Live Animal Sacrifice)

by 3 years ago

Well, you can stop wondering why the University of Florida Gators led by backup QB Treon Harris came up short against the Tigers of LSU: it’s because the LSU fans offered a sacrifice to the football gods. These photos began circulating yesterday around game time, and in each of them we see LSU fans tailgating with WHOLE ALLIGATORS on the BBQ. Obviously the football gods were pleased by the sacrificial alligators, because #6 LSU went on to vanquish #8 UF by a score of 28-35.



As any UF fan will tell you, the ONLY way that LSU could’ve ever beaten the Gators last night is by voodoo and animal sacrifice, so I guess we can put this mystery to rest. It still counts as a ‘sacrifice’ even if the animal is eaten afterwards, right? I’ve always been under the impression that the actual sacrificial killing of the animal is all that the Gods need to deliver a favorable result, so it doesn’t reaaaalllllyyyyyy matter that the LSU fans were then eating the gator, does it? I’d think that if anything the fact that they LSU fans were actually eating the gator instead of wasting the animal makes it all the better (alligator’s is delicious by the way, especially with a good swamp sauce or dip).

And I have to say that I’m a little bit ashamed that I’ve never cooked a whole alligator. I’ve had fried gator tail and gator bites more times than I can count, but I’ve never actually participated in the cooking a whole alligator, and I think that’s something I’m going to have to remedy on Saturday, November 28th, the day FSU play UF.

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