Will Ferrell Is Going To Play All Nine Positions In Spring Training Games Tomorrow

Will Ferrell’s love of sports is no secret. From his presence on the sidelines of USC games to Semi-Pro to chucking basketballs at the face of cheerleaders, he lives for organized competition.

And cheerleading. Don’t forget cheerleading.

So it’s no surprise that he’ll be taking his talents to the diamond tomorrow, as he plays all nine positions during Cactus League games.


For a good cause, of course.

Major League Baseball and HBO are teaming up for a cancer awareness project, and the cable network will film the special at five different spring training venues Thursday. Ferrell is part of the project, according to The Chicago Tribune.

The eight games on Thursday’s Cactus League schedule have staggered starting times, with the first at 3 p.m. ET and the last at 9:15 p.m. At least two games reportedly had their times moved to accommodate Ferrell’s schedule.

Ferrell’s decision to go where Garth Brooks and Billy Crystal have gone before should be extremely entertaining. It also promises to be nerve-wracking. Standing down at the hot corner or donning the tools of ignorance is no joking matter.

I’m very curious to see how he handles himself on the mound and behind the plate catching 96 mph fastballs.

Hey, the worst that happens is he gets hurt — and there’s nothing funnier than physical pain.