Quarterback Prospect Had Perfect Answer To NFL Combine Question

Will Levis at the NFL Combine

Getty Image / Michael Hickey

During the NFL Combine, players need to be prepared a wide variety of questions.

Those questions will range from insightful questions about football to absolutely absurd questions about pretty much anything scouts can come up with.

This means that prospects need to be on their toes at all times, particularly the quarterback prospects.

Today, one of those QB prospects was asked he decided to throw at the combine when others chose not to.

Will Levis had the perfect answer to the question, pointing out his ridiculous arm strength as the reason he made his decision.

While Bryce Young opted not to throw at the NFL Combine, that was definitely not a decision that Levis could make ahead of this year’s draft.

Levis really has one thing working for him in his draft evaluation. Levis has a huge arm.

The best approach he can take to draft season is to make sure that scouts see him launching the ball as frequently as possible until draft day.

College football fans were expecting big things from Levis during his senior season for the Kentucky Wildcats. Unfortunately, the season was a pretty big disappointment.

Kentucky went 7-6 during the season, had a losing record in the SEC, and was bad on the offensive side of the ball.

Levis threw for just 2406 yards and 19 touchdowns in 11 games while throwing 10 interceptions.

His performance revealed some shortcomings and seemingly did more to hurt his draft stock than help it.

Despite the disappointing year, Levis is still currently projected to be selected in the top 10.

It certainly wouldn’t hurt his chances of staying there if he spent every second he could until the draft just chucking deep balls so all scouts remember about him is that canon arm.