Did The Dodgers’ Will Smith Hit A Home Run That Shouldn’t Have Been A Home Run?

Dodgers Will Smith Hit A Home Run That Shouldnt Have Been

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  • Dodgers catcher Will Smith hit a three-run home run Thursday night, but only because he got a little unexpected help.
  • The ball would have stayed in the park if it weren’t for Reds outfielder Jake Fraley misplaying it.
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The Los Angeles Dodgers came up victorious Thursday night in the team’s home opener, 9-3 over the Cincinnati Reds, thanks in large part to a six run eighth inning.

One of the big blows that was struck during that bombardment in the eighth came from a three-run home run hit by Dodgers catcher Will Smith.

With runners on second and third, a 3-1 count, and one out in the eighth, Smith launched a fly ball to center field. Reds center fielder Jake Fraley appeared he might have a bead on the ball, but came up empty as the ball went over the fence, scoring three.

What that video of Will Smith’s home run does not show is the fact that had Fraley not been so close to catching the ball, Smith probably would have only gotten a double out of it.

Watch as the ball hits the top of the outfield fence, then caroms off of Fraley’s glove and out of the park.

Talk about not being rewarded for the effort.

Should Will Smith’s home run really have been ruled a ground rule double?

The bizarre play then sparked a whole discussion about whether it should have been a home run at all. Some fans thought it, by rule, should have been a ground rule double. After all, the play certainly, in hindsight, was reminiscent of a play that happened in 2021 in the ALCS.



So… should it have been a home run or a ground rule double?

According to BaseballRulesAcademy.com, “Any batted ball that strikes the facing of the outfield wall or the top of the wall, should be treated by runners and outfielders as balls in play.”

So if it were treated as a “ball in play” then it went over the fence off the player’s glove it should have been a ground rule double. I think.