Wisconsin Bro In A Teletubbies Costume Is The Saddest Bro At The National Championship Game

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Move over, Villanova Piccolo girl. Our hearts have been stolen again. This Wisconsin Bro in a Teletubbies costume is the saddest Bro at the National Championship game, where Duke stunned Wisconsin in the final seconds of the game. That longing stare. Those eyes. The fact his stomach is probably the whole way up to his throat after a roller coaster of sports emotion.

This kid has heart. As easy as it is to make fun of a jabroni in a teletubbies custom, never forget that this Bro is a sensitive Bro, ladies. He CARES, dammit. And he’ll wear his emotions on his sleeve if he chooses.


UPDATE: Twitter has discovered his name:


Here’s some pics of his squad during happier times:

Now do your thing and relentlessly make fun of him, Internet…

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