Crazy Wisconsin Fan Jumps From The Top Of A Street Light After Title Game Loss: Video

As a Wisconsin fan last night had to be brutally painful. Your team does the impossible and gets by Kentucky only to have national championship victory snatched from your hands in the waning moments of the final game.

That being said, it’s probably not the best idea to climb a street light and then jump with the hopes that someone will break your fall. (At least I hope he was looking for that to happen and wasn’t just trying to eat concrete.)

It’s kind of hard to tell if anyone on the ground actually tried to save his dumb ass, but let this be a lesson to all grieving sports fans in the future. Rather than get liquored up and attempt death-defying stunts, just go home, get liquored up and drown your sorrows alone in the corner of a dark room like a man.

TMZ says that no injuries were reported by the Madison Police Department so it would seem that this fool got away pretty much unscathed.