Wisconsin Badger Football Went EIGHT MONTHS Without A Recruiting Staff Amid Paul Chryst’s Demise

Wisconsin Fans Are Fed Up With Coach Paul Chryst And Want A Change

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It was a swift downfall for Paul Chryst as the coach of the Wisconsin Badgers. What was seen as a very safe job coming into the season turned into the veteran coach getting fired after three straight losses and a 2-3 start. Chryst was 67-26 in Madison with zero big ten titles.

Many questioned the firing of Chryst, considering he has had some success. And, people were worried about the program sliding into mediocrity as Nebraska has. But, more details are coming out that are damning for Paul Chryst.

Wisconsin went almost a full year with a recruiting staff

It’s an era where recruiting matters more than ever and recruiting budgets are ballooning. And then there’s Wisconsin in 2021.

That is astonishing. Yes, I understand the previous recruiting staff left together for another school. And, yes, I get that in Wisconsin the state legislature has control of the athletic department’s budget and instituted a hiring freeze that left them unable to hire replacements. But, this is still absolutely flabbergasting.

The result of this was predictable. Wisconsin had a class that did not even get in the top 40 and featured only one four-star player. That’s how you kill a program and that’s one of the reasons why power players around the program wanted Chryst gone.

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Obviously, this has Wisconsin fans ticked off and fans of other teams wholly flummoxed.

This is a damning stat. Wisconsin is not a small media market and they pack a huge stadium in Camp Randall Stadium. They certainly make money. But, they’re not using it on recruiting at all.

Fans are in the right to be upset. This is ridiculous in this day and age.

If you’re spending 33% as much as Kansas, you’re having a problem.

It will be interesting if interim coach Jim Leonhard, who appears to a candidate for the permanent job, can figure things out in this department.