WNBA Player Courtney Williams Agrees With Shaq And Wants The WNBA To Lower The Rims ‘I’m Trying To Dunk On Somebody’s Head’

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Shaq caused a firestorm on Twitter after making some comments about how he would change the WNBA game to make it more exciting for fans during last night’s episode of Inside The NBA.

According to Shaq, the WNBA should lower the rims to allow the players to dunk and generate more excitement for the game.

In beach volleyball, the women’s net is about half an inch lower, so do you think if we just lower the rim so you could dunk like we dunk that it’ll give you more oomph that you already have. because listen you guys are doing the stepbacks, the pullbacks, ya’ll are doing everything we’re doing, I don’t see a lot of people going up with two hands.

Fans of the WNBA immediately fired back at Shaq over his suggestion.

On Wednesday WNBA player Courtney Williams was speaking at a WBB weekly Clubhouse meeting and agreed with Shaq about lowering the rims in the WNBA.

The lowering the rim debate isn’t new but it’s interesting to hear a WNBA player come forward to support the idea.

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