WNBA Legend Sylvia Fowles Is Pursuing A Second Career In The Creepiest Field Imaginable

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Sylvia Fowles is WNBA royalty.

After a legendary college career at LSU, the Chicago Sky selected Fowles with the second overall pick in the 2008 WNBA Draft. Over the next decade plus, the 6-foot-6 center would cement a legacy in the league that will never be forgotten.

Fowles made eight WNBA All-Star teams, seven WNBA All-Defense first teams, three All-WNBA first teams teams and won the league’s MVP award in 2017. She’s a two-time WNBA champion in 2015 and 2017, and both times she was named the WNBA finals MVP for the Minnesota Lynx.

Now, the league-wide legend is hanging up her basketball shoes and looking forward to her new career, one that nobody could’ve seen coming.

In an interview with ESPN’s Kevin Van Valkenburg, Fowles reveals that she intends to start a second career as a mortician. And while that may send chills up the spines of many, Fowles’ reasoning is a lovely sentiment.

“I do believe in reincarnation,” Fowles says. “And if I do come back, I think I’d like to come back as an animal. Either an eagle or an elephant. I would love that.”

“Everyone should be talking about it,” she says. “I feel like the main reason people are so scared of death is a lack of education.”

For the past seven years, Fowles has been studying mortuary science, and working part time in funeral homes in Minneapolis and Miami — including every week during her 2017 MVP season, when the Lynx captured a fourth WNBA title — as a way to transition into her next profession: mortician.

The article discusses Fowles other off-court hobbies as well. She enjoys knitting and gardening. One thing is certain, however. Whatever Fowles does next, we’d bet on her being good at it.