Adrian Wojnarowski Is Spoiling The Entire NBA Draft Again And Fans Are Absolutely Sick Of It

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  • ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski is the king of scoops when it comes to the NBA.
  • Woj was back at it again on Thursday morning, spoiling the top three picks in the upcoming NBA Draft.
  • Basketball fans appears to have had enough of his shtick, as they were not happy with his reporting.

You see that looks Rachel Nichols is giving Adrian Wojnarowski in the photo above?

That’s the same look that all of NBA Twitter is currently giving Woj.

The ace NBA reporter has exploded into prominence in the last decade for being the premier basketball reporter. If there’s a big story in the past 10 years, Woj probably broke it. But one thing he does seems to not be sitting so well with NBA fans.

Woj loves to spoil NBA Draft picks.

To be fair to Wojnarowski, ESPN is paying a whole boatload of money to just that. His job is to be first, especially with former protege-turned-foe Shams Charania doing the same at The Athletic.

But drafts are all about surprises, and if those are gone then so is a lot of the fun. So people weren’t super pleased when he appeared to give away each of the top three picks.

Fans just want to watch the NBA Draft in peace. And muting Woj is tough to do, since he’s also likely to break any impending trade news.

Kings stay kings. But it’s hard to imagine that ESPN is overly happy about a marquee event being spoiled well ahead of time.