Woman Is Seriously Claiming That Kissing The Stanley Cup Got Her Pregnant And I Can’t Believe What I’m Hearing

by 3 years ago


I’m not one to doubt miracles happen. I mean, I’m dating a soon-to-be surgeon who is way prettier and smarter than me, so miracles clearly occur to people all the fucking time.

However, I’m a little skeptical about this claim from a woman who says that, after trying to get preggo for years and had “probably given up,” actually believes that, when she kissed the Stanley Cup 20 years ago, it led to her getting that baby she always dreamed of.

Like, I honestly cannot fucking believe what I’m hearing.

The abbreviated story goes like this: The Colorado Avalanche win the Stanley Cup title in 1996, a player from that team, Mike Ricci, throws a celebratory party at some cottage on the day he has the Cup, Cheryl Riley—the lady who couldn’t get pregnant—kisses Lord Stanley’s Cup, and a few weeks later, started feeling funny, ultimately finding out that she had a bun in her oven.

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