Woman Has Colorado Rockies Game Ruined By Large Man Seated in Front of Her


This woman scored third-row seats to last night’s Kansas City Royals-Colorado Rockies game last night. Upon reaching the ballpark, however, she realized she should have secured front-row tickets.

As you can see, her good time was crushed by a large Royals fan seated directly in front of her.


While we all know how annoying it can be when a bulbous¬†person sits in front of you at an event, this lady needs to get a hold of herself. All this guy wants to do is watch his overachieving small market team in peace. Plus, it’s not like she can’t see 99 percent of the action.

She’d be well served to learn from her younger neighbor who is going wrist-deep in delicious ice cream. Fat and sugar solve all problems–even one created by fat and sugar.

[H/T: Next Impulse Sports]

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