Woman Says She Got Kicked Out Lakers-Hawks Game For Telling LeBron James ‘I’m Going To F You Up’ Because He Cursed At Her Husband

LeBron James has had pretty interesting interactions with fans sitting courtside this season.

On Monday night, just a few days after talking trash with a Cavs exec during a game, LeBron got into another bizarre altercation with a fan sitting courtside.

During the Lakers-Hawks game, a woman named Juliana Carlos had to be escorted out of the building for getting into a heated verbal altercation with LeBron.

After getting kicked out, Carlos took to Instagram to tell her side of the story where she says she told LeBron “I’m going to fuck you up” because he cursed at her husband.

LeBron James looked at my husband during the game and cussed him out and I stood up and I go don’t fucking talk to my husband, talk to my husband one more time and I’m going to fuck you up and he started fighting with me and he goes shut your mouth dumb bitch.

The woman continued her rant on Instagram.

LeBron talked about the altercation during his postgame press conference.

Update #2 This is apparently Juliana’s husband who was involved in the altercation with LeBron.


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