The ‘World’s Worst Little League Fan’ Is The Best Video About Aggro Baseball Dads

ricky richards worst little league fan

This video about the world’s worst Little League fan comes from The Kicker and it nails the aggro Dad who’s trying to drill his washed-up dreams of baseball glory into his 11-year-old son.

Gotta love the vodka in the water bottle trick. You knew you were in for a good video when he says, “Let’s go watch the BBQ Hounds beat the shit out of the Junkyard Jellyfish”.

Other highlights:

1. Lakers hat, Yankees jersey – the worst sports fan apparel combo on Earth

2. Keeping a box score

3. Trying to coordinate in-game pictures

4. Birth certificate – “Kid’s arms look like my calves”

5. Calling out price of hot dogs

6. “You go yard, I’ll give you $50 on the spot!”

7. Arguing umpire calls – “Are you blind? He was safe as F*CK!”

Sadly, I think we’ve all mauled sunflower seeds like he did. There just comes a time when A) you get tired of trying to finesse seeds out of their shells or B) you’re suddenly called upon to do something that can’t be done with a mouthful of seeds.

The only scene missing from this comprehensive guide to being an aggro dad is the inevitable fight instigation and ejection from the stands. This guy reminds me of that scene from Super Troopers when the dude in the shades and fumanchu mustache gets a gigantic cotton candy…

The World’s Worst Little League Fan vid is actually the third episode in The Kicker’s Ricky Richards: Worst Sports Fan series. You can watch the previous two episodes below:

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