The Crappiest NBA All-Stars Since 2010 Really Make My Blood Boil

The NBA All-Star Game is Sunday, meaning we get to see a bunch of our favorite basketball players do nothing but dunk on one another and buddy up until about the last five minutes of the game when they actually start competing.

I’m fine with that, given the fact the entire game is a spectacle that’s supposed to just be fun for the fans—which is why the league released those personalized emojis for each player this year to help vote for the game’s MVP.

What I’m not cool with, though, is when a guy goes to All-Star Weekend who’s undeserving.

Since it has happened more times than I’d like to admit, here are the five worst players to have made the NBA’s All-Star Game since 2010—and, yes, it includes The Black Mamba.

5. Gerald Wallace: Charlotte Bobcats (2010)

Stats: 18.2 points, 10.0 rebounds

A classic case of a ball hog who puts up big numbers for a shitty team, it actually makes me mad to know that Gerald Wallace—a career journeyman—made it to an All-Star Game once.

There’s no way in hell you can convince me he was worthy of the selection, no matter how hard you want to try.

Oh, he was averaging a double-double? Great, so did a bunch of players that year—including Luis Scola, Troy Murphy and Emeka Okafor—and they didn’t have the privilege of just padding their own stats for a shitty ass squad like the Charlotte Bobcats.

I’ve got to stop or I might actually blow a gasket, that’s how bad Gerald Wallace as an All-Star was.

4. Kyle Korver: Atlanta Hawks (2015)

Stats: 12.1 points, .492 3-point percentage

Oh, so Kyle Korver knows how to stand around at the three-point line and jack up a bunch of treys while athletic teammates create for him? Sounds like a fucking perfect person to play in the All-Star Game.

I get the fact that Korver was on an Atlanta Hawks team that ultimately finished with 60 wins last season, but, fuck, does that really warrant an All-Star selection for the guy?

The NBA should have let him bomb away in the Three-Point Contest, but to have actually let him play in the game was a scam.

Congratulations, Kyle, you were a byproduct of team success and not your own.

3. Allen Iverson: Memphis Grizzlies/Philadelphia 76ers (2010)

Stats: 14.4 points, 2.7 assists

I totally understand why the fans would want to see Allen Iverson in the All-Star Game—because the guy was, pound-for-pound, one of the most entertaining players the league had ever seen.

Problem was, A.I. was a really shitty basketball player during the 2009-10 season, even spending a couple of weeks as a free agent from Nov. 17 to Dec. 2 after the Memphis Grizzlies waived him and his original team, the Philadelphia 76ers scooped him up.

While Iverson didn’t play in the game, he still earned 1.2 million votes, proving that fans pretty much vote for any name they recognize, ’cause there’s no way this guy should have even been on the fucking ballot!

2. Kobe Bryant: Los Angeles Lakers (2014, 2016)

Stats: 16.9 points, 6.9 turnovers (2014), 20.8 points, 5.2 rebounds (2016)

Let’s face it, this year’s version of Kobe Bryant gets the All-Star Game nod because it’s his last NBA season and fans just want to see the Black Mamba, that’s cool. But the fact that he’s a one-man show on a shitty L.A. Lakers team isn’t the Bryant fans have come to love.

As bad as this year’s selection for Bryant is, the one he received in 2014 was a hell of a lot worse, as Kobe played in just six games due to a knee injury, yet was still paraded around All-Star Weekend as if he actually deserved to be there.

Bryant is an icon, and we’ll never see another player like him again, but, fuck, guys, why has he made two of the last All-Star Games? Pathetic.

1. Yao Ming: Houston Rockets (2011)

Stats: 10.2 points, 5.4 rebounds

Want to know some real bullshit, guys? Yao Ming played in five games in 2011, yet still found himself voted to the All-Star Game because, well, fan voting.

A great guy who was a global ambassador for the game after coming over to the league from China, his numerous injuries prevented him from ever becoming the player that he could have evolved into.

Still, last I checked, the All-Star Game is about compiling the best talent to play, not the nicest guys, so Yao should have been kept out of this one.

Thankfully, like others on this list, the big man sat out since, you know HE WAS FUCKING INJURED, but that he even “earned” a spot is ridiculous.

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