Wrestling Fan Raises Money For Charity By Getting Body Slammed Onto Thumb Tacks

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Cody Rhodes is a former WWE wrestler, one year removed from the big show. He appeared at an event over the weekend where a meet and greet was to be held before the event, but that had to be rescheduled for after the wrestling match because traffic prohibited fans from getting there on time.

At some point during Cody Rhodes’ match one loud fan asked the wrestler how much it would cost to allow the wrestler to bodyslam him into thumbtacks. Realizing the opportunity for some genuine fundraising, Cody Rhodes said he’d agree to bodyslam the crazy fan onto the sharp thumbtacks if all of the money from the meet-and-greet after the match went directly towards a charity (St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital). The people putting the match on agreed, and we ended up with this insane moment:


This isn’t staged. There are now WWE tricks going on here for the camera. This is just former WWE wrestler Cody Rhodes bodyslamming someone in the crowd onto thumbtacks, something that could’ve gone SERIOUSLY wrong if one of those thumbtacks managed to hit a nerve somewhere in his neck or back.

The charitable donation from Cody Rhodes totaled over $1,400 thanks to the antics of this fan and his willingness to put his body on the line.

There aren’t many things in the world that would entice me to get bodyslammed onto a bed of thumbtacks. Perhaps a free week at a nude resort with the Victoria’s Secret Angels or an Amex card hooked directly into Bill Gates’ account with an unlimited lifetime spending limit. Those are some things that would lure me into getting bodyslammed onto thumbtacks…But I respect the shit out of this fan who was willing to put their body on the line for a $1400 donation to St. Jude.

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