WSOP Champ Plays Total Garbage Hand And Bluffs His Opponent Into Submission, Absolutely Perfect Poker

The World Series of Poker Main Event wrapped up this week so if you’d rather wait until you can watch ESPN and see how it all shakes out you can stop reading now and just watch the video above because there are no spoilers there…..

Now, for some spoilers. The man you see coming out victorious in that hand is Qui Nguyen, and he’s just won $8,000,000 and the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event, the most prestigious event in all of poker. Coming in second place was the man above who folded the winning hand, Gordon Vayo, who pocketed a cool $4,661,228 for his efforts.

In the hand above Qui Nguyen played as if he was holding the nuts, which he most certainly wasn’t. He forced his opponent to make a decision for everything, and with millions of dollars on the line Gordon Vayo was feeling the full weight of the world before he collapsed and released what would’ve been the winning hand.

This footage will haunt Gordon Vayo for the rest of his life. He’ll go back and watch this hand played over and over and over and over again, and every time he’ll see something new, a twitch or tell that he should’ve noticed before. This will be the hand that unravels him as both a man and a poker player, and that’s rather disturbing if you ask me.

If you’re wondering how all 10 finished at this year’s WSOP final table, here’s how it looked:

Shockingly, this isn’t even the ‘best’ hand we’ve seen recently. While there might’ve been a lot more at stake here THIS CRAZY WSOP HAND from two weeks ago will blow your mind.

…(h/t TheLadBible / CardPlayer)…