Former WWE Star And Current Trainer Fired For Being Way Too Juiced At A Powerlifting Competition

Maybe they called Billy Gunn “Mr. Ass” because that’s where he took his injections?

The former tag team champion and current Tough Enough trainer was fired from the WWE for taking a little too much testosterone before a power lifting competition in July. How much? Enough to kill a horse and then power lift him out of the barn.

The 52-year-old former tag team champion reportedly tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone back on July 25. He had a testosterone/epitestosterone ratio of 37-1, which is off the charts compared to the 4-1 limit. He was suspended from competitive powerlifting for four years – with WWE officials completely unaware he was competing as a powerlifter until just a few weeks ago.

So Gunn is guilty of doing drugs and also not telling the WWE about the competition. I suppose he’s being fired for both because the drugs are a direct violation of the company wellness policy and the powerlifting after work hours is against making any money besides what Papa Vince allows…or something…who knows or cares.

I’ve always liked and felt bad for Billy Gunn. Gunn had the look and potential to be a top level guy but often got saddled with bad gimmicks (The Smoking Gunns), buried in large factions (DX) or stuck in “shocking” storylines that never went anywhere (Billy & Chuck). He’s the Dolph Ziggler of the Attitude Era without the single titles or five million concussions.

Hopefully he straightens his ass out. See what I did there?

[via SeScoops]