Wyndham Clark’s Sister Goes Viral After His US Open Win

Wyndham Clark celebrates his win at the US Open with family.

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Wyndham Clark took the golf world by storm this weekend with an exciting win at the US Open. It’s his sister, though, who went viral after the major victory.

Most of that social media exposure comes in response to what she said to her brother while celebrating on Sunday. Fans and media have been quick to comment on the moment.

Wyndham Clark’s sister, Kaitlin, had never watched her brother play live in a PGA tournament according to NBC Sports announcer Dan Hicks. He said as much on the US Open broadcast, noting that both of the golfer’s siblings were in attendance in Los Angeles.

And, boy, did she pick the right time to come see him in person.

Clark finished the four-day event at -10 par on his way to his first career major win. The victory also marked his second win on the PGA Tour this season.

After the impressive result, Clark’s sister and brother met him on the green. The three embraced in an awesome moment chock-full of emotion and excitement.

One particular clip from that victory celebration is now going viral.

While running to greet the golfer on the course, you can hear Wyndham Clark’s sister say, “That’s so much money!”

And she’s certainly right.

The $3.6 million payout was part of the largest purse in US Open history. Fans were quick to comment on his sister’s remark on social media.

“Ain’t no way that’s the first thing she said to him,” one golf account quipped.

“If you win all that money, you have to give your brother and your sister a small piece. Right?” someone else said.

While many joked about the response, it truly was a monumental win for Wyndham Clark. He’ll look to keep the momentum rolling in what’s been his most successful professional season to date.