XFL Game Gets Roasted By Football Fans For Its Incredibly Sad Press Box Setup

XFL logo

Getty Image / Scott Taetsch

The XFL officially returns as the new season is in full swing. Many football fans have tuned in, as some of its rules make it extremely entertaining.

However, one of the games is getting absolutely roasted for its press box setup. It’s so bad, you have to see it to believe it.

Apparently, the Las Vegas Vipers were playing their last game on an old baseball field that didn’t have a press box. So, the XFL built one out of scaffolding.

You’d think the team in Las Vegas would at least play on a legitimate football field with a stadium. But no. Instead, this XFL team has a make-shift setup.

As you can imagine, football fans everywhere roasted the Vipers’ press box.

The XFL is giving off major BFL vibes.

A good Happy Gilmore reference is always appreciated.

Can we get the Vipers an actual stadium, please?

Will the XFL have to invest in some sort of wind guards with this setup?

Hopefully, this is just a temporary location for the Vipers. If not, well, then the team is getting the bad end of the stick.

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