Yankee Stadium Looks Apocalyptic As Wildfires In Canada Affect Air Quality

A field view of Yankee Stadium.

Getty Image

Wildfires in Canada have affected the air quality in New York City turning Yankee Stadium into an apocalyptic scene. The skies in the Big Apple have darkened with fog, similar to something you’d see in a Gotham movie sequence.

Images and videos of the odd sights have now gone viral on social media.

The Yankees are playing the White Sox on Tuesday despite the smoky atmosphere.

It’s certainly stirring up fans as many in attendance document the cloudy skies and the ominous feel to the game.

The NY Times says that more than 400 wildfires are currently burning in Canada, causing a hazy layer of smoke to infiltrate the northeastern US. Air quality alerts have been seen from Massachusetts to Minnesota, and it appears New York City is being hit as hard as anyone.

The Yankees minor league team in Scranton canceled its matchup due to the air quality and judging by the reactions of many at Yankee Stadium, New York should’ve considered it, too.

One fan wrote, “This cannot be healthy,” while another said, “This situation is concerning.”

Many think they’re living out an episode of The Walking Dead.

“Nobody is making a big deal out of it, but it literally looks and feels like the apocalypse outside,” this person posted.

A very eerie scene in the Bronx. We’ll see if it has any affect on the rest of the series.