Yankees Pitcher Who Threw Perfect Game This Season Seeking Alcohol Abuse Treatment

view of Yankee Stadium in The Bronx

Getty Image / Rob Tringali / Sportschrome

The New York Yankees have placed star pitcher Domingo German on the Restricted List as he enters an in-patient treatment program for alcohol abuse.

This moves comes just over a month after Domingo German became the first ever player born in the Dominican Republic to throw a perfect game in Major League Baseball, and the 24th perfect game in MLB history.

According to a report from ESPN, the team fully supports German at the time. A statement from the team said “It is critical that Domingo completely focuses on addressing his health and well-being. We will respect his privacy as he begins this process.”

Yankees manger Brian Cashman spoke with reporters in the afternoon.

Cashman said “Certainly it’s a very serious issue that affects way too many people, unfortunately, and hopefully the steps that are being taken today will really benefit him for the remaining part of his life because it’s a very serious problem that you need to address head on and these treatment places are significant steps hopefully to helping him get the tools to solve it.”

This isn’t the first time this season the Yankees have lost Domingo German from their roster. He received a 10-game suspension back in May after umpires determined he was using sticky substance on mound.

German was also previously suspended 81 games due to a domestic violence in September 2019 that occurred at a charity gala hosted by CC Sabathia. He received the 81-game suspension in January 2020 after the incident was investigated by the league.

The MLB’s Restricted List is used for atypical and unexcused player absences from their team. Players who are placed on the Restricted List are still technically on the team but are not active members of the team’s roster.

By being placed on the Restricted List, the Yankees can now use Domingo German’s roster spot for another player to be called up from Scranton (or elsewhere).

Speaking with reporters on Wednesday, Brian Cashman added “I’m just worried right now for the person and the immediate family. Domingo Germán has certainly been a part of the Yankee family and he’s dealing with a very serious issue and I certainly think we’re all going to keep him in our prayers as he takes very important but necessary steps in trying to deal with this problem.”

At this point, it is unclear how long the Yankees, who occupy last place in the AL East, will be without one of their star pitchers. But it is evident those within the organization are not focused on that, and are instead focused on ensuring Domingo German receives the treatment that is best for him at this time.