Yasiel Puig Just Pulled Off The Most Magical-Looking Slide Ever Into Second Base

Oh, just Yasiel Puig out here doing Yasiel Puig things this afternoon.

Making what should be a simple, routine tag at second base turn into a perfectly played game of cat and mouse, and coming out of all of it “SAFE!”

Take a look.

After ripping a pitch to left field, in true Puig fashion, the Dodgers’ outfielder made the turn for second base and went full bore. A relay throw from the Diamondbacks outfield pulled shortstop Jean Segura off the bag, and despite sliding by, Puig was able to magically dance his hands around Segura’s glove, ending up safe for his efforts.

Here’s a closer look:

And another, because whoa.

THAT is how you play the game.

One-hundred percent effort, one-hundred percent of the time.

The play was eventually reviewed, and stood as called on the field. That’s one way to up your slugging percentage, Yasiel.

[H/T Kenny Ducey/SI]