Yasiel Puig Hits a Grand Slam With Himself in a Video Game, Celebrates Like a Madman

Yasiel Puig’s antics have been hot topic of conversation ever since the young phenom burst onto the national stage last year. His bat-flipping showmanship has rubbed more than one veteran the wrong way.

Luckily, he has an outlet in video games. When he’s playing those, he can carry on in any way he wants without fear of ruffling any feathers.

The Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder posted this video of the little digital version of himself blasting a grand-slam home run, much to his delight. His excitement will test your eardrums and remind you of a young Brett Favre “just having fun out there.”

Let it be known that I would never stop playing as myself in a video game if I were a professional athlete. It would be time for practice and there I’d be, holed up in my lair, trying to win a fake trophy with a fake me. I’d blow my big break and be forced to turn to the bottle for comfort.

Guess it’s a good thing I’m not in that position.