Zlatan Ibrahimović Shuts Down The Haters, Scores Two Goals Including Game-Winner In MLS Debut

Before his arrival to the U.S. many questioned whether Zlatan Ibrahimović, who is coming off a knee injury, is too old to be a contributing factor in the MLS. Ibrahimović brushed off the criticism in typical Slatan fashion.

Via The Guardian

“I will always take the hardest challenge that is out there. At 35, people said I would never make it in the Premier League, even players I talked to.

“I had 20 years of experience in other competitions and had won trophies, but they said I would be gambling that if I went to the Premier League and the one season wasn’t good.

“But I took all those years and put it on one bet to go to the Premier League and see what happened.

“Same thing here, I don’t have anything to prove. I just have to perform. I know what I’m able to do and I will do it.

“I know in my head what the game is. Now the rest of my body has to follow.

“I’ve come here to win. I’ve already brought my family. My wife can take care of the family and I can do what I’m good at. The lion is hungry.”

Well, Zlatan shut up the doubters really quickly when he scored this 40-yard beauty which was then followed by a game-winning header in stoppage time.


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