Step Up Your Suit Game With These Badass Beaded Bracelets For Dudes


Brought to you by Azuro Republic.

All guys are looking for that one complement to a suit without being too casual. While most of us just stick with watches, there’s a new trend that’s making its way into wardrobes that’s separating men from one another — and it’s an Azuro Republic bracelet.

Handcrafted from the finest materials, an Azuro Republic bracelet isn’t just necessary to help bring your style to life, but it can also serve as a unique icebreaker while talking with a woman at a Happy Hour, or with a colleague on the way to an important meeting. Basically, these bracelets will show you’re distinguished without being too flashy, which is always the way to get someone’s attention. With each bracelet having its own story, relaying that journey to someone will leave them jealous that they don’t have one for themselves, showing that it’s more than just a complement to your suit. The devil truly is in the details with these bracelets, so impress people with one.

For example, when you’re at a Happy Hour and notice that pretty gal sitting at the end of the bar, don’t be shy in approaching her, buying her a drink and handing her the glass with the hand wearing your Azuro Republic bracelet. She can already tell you care about style, but now you can talk about what the bracelet represents, talking about its own journey to around your wrist. She’ll instantly be hooked.


Azuro Republic bracelets have tremendous craftsmanship — as seen in the video above — but each bracelet has it’s own journey, too. Coming from the most unique and valuable mineral from around the world, Azuro Republic uses 18 methods to eventually craft them into beads, giving each design history and value. The finished products are bracelets that symbolize wealth and power, which make you feel confident and ready to tackle any task.

Focused on passion, equality, success and inspiration, wearing an Azuro Republic bracelet defines you as a true gentleman, being a real OG when it comes to taking pride in your look.


Available in three different collections — enamel, core and mixed — Azuro Republic bracelets offer a variety of looks that mix the best gold and silver with the unique beads. In short, these aren’t your average bracelets, gents.

With a variety of collaborations with suit influencers, there’s a good chance you’ll see a well-dressed guy wearing an Azuro Republic bracelet anywhere from the racetrack to a wedding to an important conference, but one thing that’s critical for each man wearing one; style. What Azuro Republic represents is personal experiences, and their bracelets reflect that anytime a man pairs it with a perfectly fitting suit, allowing him to complement his own look with a unique accessory unlike any other.


The Azuro Republic Gold Classic Tiger Eye


With each style meticulously handcrafted and chiseled to perfection by their experts, Azuro Republic bracelets are the premier accessory for your wardrobe — whether wearing a suit or just dressing casual with an Oxford button-down for a night out. People always have stories to tell, and, as for you, it’s a decent gentleman talking about its history over a nice glass of bourbon, with a classic bracelet from Azuro Republic.


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