‘Textile Dysfunction’ Is The Style Problem No Guy Wants To Admit, But Your New Favorite Dress Shirt’s Here To Overcome It

We all know about erectile dysfunction, but have you ever heard of “textile dysfunction”? It may seem like just a silly pun, but it’s killing guys’ style game, and it’s time to admit we all have a problem that we need to find a solution to.

Lucky for us, Mizzen+Main‘s here to help, because, the last we checked, being a high performer who kicks ass during the day wasn’t a bad thing, but looking like a schlub who’s wearing an outfit that resembles something his mom laid out for him definitely is.

Sure, Mizzen+Main knows that textile dysfunction has become such a serious issue for guys, but with everyone’s favorite high-stakes date night coming up in a just a couple of days, Valentines Day, you should really take a moment to stop your textile dysfunction from ruining your style for the night. Hell, they even got female golfer Paige Spiranac to talk about how it’s time to take charge of your style and start looking your best. Trust us, bros, if Paige is telling you it’s time to act on this issue, it’s worth making some changes.

What makes Mizzen+Main different from other clothing brands is that they use a special performance fabric that’s specifically designed to make you look and feel like a million bucks all day (and night) without the fuss. No wrinkles, creases or sweat marks — and no ironing or dry cleaning.

The fabric feels amazing, and it won’t show you sweat. Plus, you won’t look like the frazzled guy just leaving the office like all those other dudes because these shirts stay smooth all day long, too.

Rather than deal with sweat-soaked casual and formal wear, Mizzen+Main wants to make sure you’re comfortable in your favorite shirt, which is why the company brought a dress shirt with athletic performance to guys everywhere, making sure you’re dry under even the most intense pressure. Finally, you can say goodbye to all those pit stains, and send that back sweat to the birds.


Still not convinced you have a textile dysfunction problem? Maybe you need another little reminder about why this issue has gotten out of control. Take a look at the video below outlining all the ways this dilemma is holding you back from looking like your best (handsome) self.


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