These Customer Reviews For A Phish Shirt On Are Pure Troll Comedy

Levity is in short supply on the Interwebs these days, so how about a little niche levity that jam band fans can appreciate? Discount big box retailer Kohls sells all sorts of novelty graphic tees – There’s the Batman Cat tee, the clever “Death Star” Abbey Road tee, and the National Sarcasm Society tee. You get the point – Cheap, kitschy tees with a strange design are their jam, taboot taboot.

Earlier this year, Kohls started carrying a very generic Phish logo tee on their website. Phish fans being quite the jokers, with their silly grin, had some fun in the reviews for the product, filled with various references to Phish’s 30+ years as a funky, weird improvisational rock band.

If you’re into Phish – We all must laugh, cause we’re all in this together and we love to take a bath.

The inevitable CHAD references….

And the occasional wook mention:

Lot OGs for life. See ya on Shakedown!

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