‘I Survived Another Meeting That Should Have Been An Email’ Blue Ribbon

Will Bryant

Nothing makes a work day more tedious than the chore of sitting in a conference room, listening to some superior drone on about milestones and goals while navigating a 40-slide Powerpoint deck. Meetings are hell, especially when said superior could email you that deck and say “hey, let’s keep it up, gang!” while you continue to browse Reddit for Game Of Thrones easter eggs and theories.

Austin-based artist and creative mind Will Bryant came up with a kitschy workplace novelty for your good humored boss: A blue ribbon for meeting survivors.

They’re only $3.50 over at Buy Olympia. And there’s a deal if you buy 10 or more for your co-worker comrades who also hate meetings that should have just been an email.

  • Gold foil embossed on a bright blue ribbon, complete with hanging string.
  • Made in Oregon.
  • Buy 10 or more at once and get $5 off. Price reflected in shopping cart.

Go forth and win the war against work.



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