A Japanese Boy Was Left In A Forest By His Parents As Punishment And Now He’s Missing

When I was young, punishment included timeout, no video games and maybe a spanking (when I was young). But isolation in a scary forest? Nope.

A 7-year-old boy was left in a forest in northern Japan as punishment for misbehaving. The parents made the boy get out of the car and then left him there. The boy, Yamato Tanooka, has been missing since Saturday and has caused nearly 150 workers to go on the hunt for him. Or should I say the parents caused these workers to search for him.

The boy’s father told public broadcaster NHK ‘I regret what I did to my child.’ Well that sure makes it all better.

The boy was apparently in trouble for throwing rocks at cars and people while playing near a river. Annoying and slightly dangerous? Of course. Worthy of some insane abandoned forest isolation trick? Not one bit.

Hopefully, the young boy will turn up, but if not, these parents are in deep trouble to say the least.

[H/T The Associated Press]