If You’re on South Padre Island, You’re Going to Get Arrested

By 03.19.13

From the Huffington Post:

Local affiliate FOX2 reports that authorities have recorded more than 100 arrests in the first four days of the spring break season, and ABC News affiliate KRGV reports that spare state and municipal officers from across Texas were called in to control the parties. Each of the 109 spring break-related arrests were reported before March 12, and it’s not even the busy part of the season yet. More than 60,000 spring breakers were expected to arrive on the island over last weekend, and they wasted no time getting wasted. By 9:00 p.m. Saturday, police had responded to a major party area on Coca-Cola Beach and arrested five people before shutting the whole party down.


It should be reiterated: When those arrest numbers were calculated, the hardcore partying on the island hadn't even started yet. This is like when a hurricane makes landfall and the local newscasters begin reporting downed trees and three inches of water on the roads, but then they warn, “Remember, the worst of the worst is behind the eye of the storm.”

We could be looking at 1,000 arrests on SPI (ah, if only it was called “South Texas Island”) before it's all said and done. Insanity—on all fronts.

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