College cheerleaders offer dates to men who buy their nude calendar

By 12.05.13

Are you lonely? Do you seek the company of women? Do you have a few bucks in your pocket? A college cheerleading squad in England has come up with a brilliant solution. Buy their nude calendar and score a date with one of their cheerleaders. Hooray horny men everywhere!



The Nottingham Knight cheerleaders (UK) are offering the calendar for 5 pounds. Inside you’ll find 24 women in various nude positions, though, to be fair, they’re completely covered. Still, it’s a good deal. Not as good however as their other offer. For the very low price of 50 pounds, you get a chance to go out with one of the girls.



Team spokesman Amy Penn had this to say:

“It’s something a bit different to just having a calendar, you don’t normally get a chance to meet the people in them – or win a date with a cheerleader.

“It wasn’t strange taking our clothes off for the photos – we have to put a lot of trust in each other when we do routines so we’re quite comfortable around our teammates.

“It was a really fun atmosphere on the shoot, we just got on and had fun with it.

“The reaction has been really positive, you get the odd comment from boys but you don’t really listen to them.

But don’t worry, the cheerleaders are selling their body for a good cause. Proceeds will go to Forget-Me-Notts, a charity that provides goods for orphans. They say sex sells. I guess we’ll find out if it sells for the good of mankind.


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