Fight video of the year: All-out brawl at Greek restaurant features flying chairs/tables

by 3 years ago

Greek restaurant fight

As far as fights at Greek restaurants go, this one is 4.5 “OPA’S” on the saganaki scale. We pick it up at the :45 second mark when a discussion about the quality of a gyro devolves into a Royal Rumble.

Serious question here. Is it ok to dine and dash after an incident like this? Like, do you just say, “nah, forget it, I almost got by a flying chair, I ain’t paying for my lamb shank.”

I’m gonna go with yes. Sure, that makes me a cheap asshole but like, I gotta be real here.

Also, how is nobody dead? That one dude got hit with a chair 17 times. That’s like 16 chair shots too many.

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