Mark Zuckerberg No Zero Game, Used Maybe the Worst Pickup Line Ever on His Wife Back In College

By 05.30.14


Good thing he invented Facebook, otherwise Zuckerberg would be one of the most awkward dudes ever to wingman for. Via Business Insider:

Mark Zuckerberg met his wife Priscilla Chan in college at a fraternity party. They were both in line for the bathroom.

Zuckerberg then took her on a date. Chan recalled the line he dropped on her to “Today’s” Savannah Guthrie:

“On our first date, he told me that he’d rather go on a date with me than finish his take-home midterm,” she said.

This is maybe the lamest pick-up line in the history of all pick-up lines. 

It gets weirder. Zuck started to play the Face Smash card while trying to woo a girl. You think she’d be impressed why how much of an Internet creeper you are? 

When they met, Chan says Zuckerberg thought he might get kicked out of school for a prank he pulled (the prank was likely “Face Mash,” a hot-or-not for students on campus), so she thought he was kind of a slacker.

But hey! You’re married now, so no sweat. Live and learn.

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