Ana Beatriz Barros does Instagram right

Now if we could only get Ana Beatriz Barros to share even more photos on Instagram we’d REALLY have something going on. As you know, from past Saturday features, lingerie models are typically REALLy good about sharing sexy pictures on Instagram. Ana Beatriz Barros is no exception, but there’s one problem. She doesn’t do it often enough. Take Kenza Fourati for example. Ana was in one of the photos we showed you and so we thought, hey maybe Ana Beatriz Barros is as good as Kenzi is when it comes to posting sexy pics! And she does. But, Ana, just 20 photos? C’mon. Help a brother out here. We love you and we want to love you more. Break out that camera phone more often! Please?

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Photo credit: Ana Beatriz Barros, Instagram