Bar Refaeli says she can’t find a boyfriend (what?)

Bar Refaeli recently did an interview with an Israeli newspaper and was complaining because she can’t seem to find a boyfriend. She’s got to be kidding, right?

“I don’t understand it,” the 35-24-35 stunner said in a tell-all interview running Friday in the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.

“I’m okay,” the 28-year-old former flame of Leonardo DiCaprio continued. “I look great. I’m cool. I like going out. I like being at home, I like movies, I like eating. So what’s wrong with me? Why am I alone?”

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So what exactly is Refaeli looking for in a mate?

“I’m looking for someone serious, who I can set up home with,” she said. “Someone who comes from a warm, loving family like mine, who has values like mine.”

Her turn-ons include self-confidence, physical fitness and generosity: “I’m very interested in going out with someone who is big and strong and famous.”

Her current dream guy is actor Ryan Gosling, replacing former fantasy flame Justin Timberlake.

“I see him and I could melt,” the model says of Gosling. “He’s amazing. He’s my wow.”

So there you go. The reason she can’t find a boyfriend is because she’s looking for a Ryan Gosling. Ha! Like there’s more than one of those in the world! They broke the model when they made The Gos. Keep dreaming, sister.

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