Emmy Rossum had some awesome things to say about being naked, having sex on ‘Shameless’

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Emmy Rossum has been making the media rounds now that her show Shameless is back on the air and she’s been asked about being naked and all the sex she has on the show, as she should be. Her answers have been pretty great.

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When asked about being naked by E!, Rossum says that she doesn’t work out before she gets naked on camera to tone her body for the scene. “Not at all,” she said. “You got to be in character. You can’t think about cellulite.”

Hmmm…I may have to go back and study some of those episodes a little closer because I don’t recall seeing a whole lot of cellulite. I must not be looking close enough.

As for all the sex, she tells Contact Music, “People think that I am a much more sexual person than I am because they identify me with the character. People on the street are more crude with me because they think I’m Fiona… I’m not like her in my real life. I’ve never had a one-night stand. Ever. We were talking about this on set the other day. Seventy per cent of the girls that I polled on our set have had a one-night stand. I’ve never had one.”

Hmmm, again. I think some people on her set are lying.

Her best quote about the sex scenes though was when she mentioned that some of the guys she’s dated have told her, “You know that people are going to jerk off to that scene, right?”

I have absolutely no idea what those guys are talking about.

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