Guess how many millions Kim Kardashian will make from her stupid wedding?

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Has it crossed anyone’s mind that this whole Kim Kardashian-Kanye West relationship was done purely for financial gain? What if I said that they stand to rake in about $21 million for getting married? Of course that thought has crossed the mind of anyone with a functioning brain, but just in case it hadn’t, there you go.

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According to InTouch, “They realized how much their wedding was costing, so they told E! they wouldn’t allow parts of it to be taped unless the network offered them more than $15 million, which is what Kim got for her wedding to Kris [Humphries]. Her mom couldn’t help herself, either. Kris is trying to get them another $4 million for their wedding photos!”

They’re still saying that the wedding won’t be televised (guess the price isn’t right…yet), but everything else is pretty much up for grabs as they say Kim is taping everything else so she can get things for free in exchange for the exposure.

Shocking, I know.

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Kim Kardashian to Make $21 Million Off Her Wedding to Kanye West! [InTouch]

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