Hannah Ferguson is even sexier in extended cut of Hardee’s commercial


Carl’s Jr. has done plenty for horny and hungry guys, and the Hannah Ferguson filled extended cut of their newest commercial might be their greatest gift to man. At least it was until Paris Hilton showed up.

We extolled the virtue of Hannah Ferguson last week when the initial commercial hit the web, but the extended cut doubles the level of sexiness the SI Swimsuit model brings to the table – or car in this case. I was six seconds from ecstasy when the artist formerly known as Paris Hilton, currently known as “Who’s that chicken again? Wasn’t she famous for getting stuffed on camera?” shows up took me from butter to gutter. What was Carl H. Burger Jr. thinking? Wonderful Pistachios has more relevant celebrity spokepeople (this joke exists in a pre-Stephen Colbert world), and no one even liked Paris Hilton during her first run at fame.

In any case, enjoy even more Hannah Ferguson. I highly recommend hitting F5 at the 37-second mark.


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