Hayden Panettiere shows why she is one of our favorites

Hayden Panettiere is perhaps our all time favorite little person actress. Very few actresses of her stature can pack so much sexy into such a tiny package. (Especially in GIF form.) So we are very glad that she’s back on television with her show Nashville (thus her nice ranking in our 50 Sexiest Women of Primetime TV). What’s also good about her being back on TV is that now she has to get out and promote herself and the show and as such we get fantastic photos and a so-so video like this from Glamour magazine. I say so-so, because it’s mostly just her talking with a few sexy shots at the beginning and the end. But the pictures did turn out pretty smoking hot, as I mentioned, so if you’re a fan of Hayden Panettiere it’s all good.

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Photo credit: YouTube/Glamour