Karlie Kloss makes her case for sexiest 20 year-old model

Karlie Kloss is the 20 year-old wonder who Victoria’s Secret has been using quite a bit lately, but that isn’t the only work she’s getting as this sexy new behind the scenes video will prove. As you can see, Karlie Kloss is also getting other fashion modeling work like this sexy new shoot for the latest Muse magazine. Fashion videos are always a little off the beaten path, but this one is rather impressive. They’ve really managed to make Karlie Kloss not look too skinny, which is a common complaint floating around out there. Frankly, I think she looks pretty damn good. Is she still dating Sam Bradford? Please say no. (Oh, the other contender for sexiest 20 year-old model would be Kate Upton.)

Can’t get enough of Karlie Kloss? We’ve got you covered right here.

Photo credit: YouTube/Muse