Kate Upton is in a commercial so you MUST watch it

Kate Upton is everywhere these days. And now she’s in a commercial for Gillette where you’re supposed to read her mind or something. Good thing she can’t read yours, huh? Just like the other day when Kate Upton did an interviewhttp://guyism.com/celebrities/kate-upton-video-sports-illustrated-st-patricks-day.html this is must-see video, because, well, you know, it’s Kate Upton on video. Hello? Her shelf life has amazed me. I thought we’d be long tired of her by now, but nope, not even close. I wonder why that is. Maybe you can provide me some theories in the comments as to why that is. (Maybe the screencaps below and the GIF above will provide a couple of clues.) Good commercial, by the way.

Ah yes, I almost forgot, there’s also a video of Kate, Hannah Simone and Genesis Rodriguez that they did. That is one lethal combo right there.

Want a little more Kate Upton? Dumb question. Here you go.

via SI Extra Mustard

Photo credit: YouTube/Gillette

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