Kylie Jenner shows inappropriate cleavage as she embraces the Kardashian Way

Kylie Jenner, Instagram

Kendall Jenner has been 18 years-old for almost three days now, so Kris Jenner is already hard at work pimping out her next youngest daughter, Kylie Jenner, by having her do a very age-inappropriate photo shoot. A photo shoot in which the 16 year-old showed off way more cleavage than most moms would ever allow, let alone let their daughter post the photo from the shoot on social media for the world to see. Then again, most moms don’t have a publicity at all cost mentality either. Have to keep that in mind here.

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Looks like Kylie wants to get her some of those many porn offers that her sister got when she turns 18 too.

That’s okay though. I get it. After all it was Kris’ birthday yesterday, plus she might have some pretty big bills to pay soon. This was all totally justifiable.