If you need another reason to loathe Lady Gaga here’s a really good one

A new report that just came out alleges that Lady Gaga’s charity, the Born This Way Foundation, donated just $5,000 of it’s reported $2.1 million. Man, even Lamar Odom is shaking his head at that.

Here’s where the $2.1 million went according to Showbiz 411 via Gawker

$300,000 in strategic consulting
$62,836 on stage productions
$50,000 on social media
$50,000 on event coordination
$406,552 on legal
$150,000 on philanthropic consulting
$60,000 on research
$58,768 on publicity fees
$78,000 on travel
$72,000 on salaries
$808,661 on “other”
$5,000 on grants to organizations or individuals

Wow, $808,661 on “other.” I need to hire whoever does her foundation’s books to do mine this year. I have a lot of “other.”

Hard to believe that such a worthwhile foundation created by such an role model of a woman would donate less to those in need than it probably costs to come up with one of her insane, attention-grabbing ideas…like riding a fake horse to the American Music Awards, for example.

Oh wait, no it isn’t.

Lady Gaga Foundation Spends More on Lawyers, Publicity and Consultants than on Charity [Gawker]

Lady Gaga image by Jaguar PS/Shutterstock