Lindsay Lohan made $100K just to do this for two hours?

Celebrities make a ton of money just to show up at a club. This is how Lindsay Lohan earns her money.

Here’s footage from Lindsay, the OWN network show that no one really seems to care about because you can only stare at a crashed train for so long.

In these scenes, Lindsay is paid $100,000 just to show up for a party. She does that — late — and does little else to earn her pay for the evening.

So, who’s the bigger jackass — the promoters paying Lindsay Lohan to show up at their club and expecting everything to go smoothly or the people showing up at a club to “party” Lindsay Lohan?

I’ll accept either answer.

Here’s What Lindsay Lohan Got Paid $50,000 an Hour To Do  [Gawker]

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