Lucy Mecklenburgh performs the sexiest moonwalk you’ll ever see

Yes, it’s hot British babes named Lucy in their underwear day here at Guyism as now we get to have a peek at Lucy Mecklenburgh getting all sexy on video. This video for another one of the legendary British babe magazines FHM shows Lucy Mecklenburgh doing the hottest moonwalk I’ve ever seen. (And I didn’t even know people still did the moonwalk.) Now I know that many of you don’t know who Lucy Mecklenburgh is, but she’s famous enough over there for FHM to stick her on their cover this month, if that’s any help. But if you must know more, Lucy is one of the stars of The Only Way Is Essex. Yeah, that didn’t help did it. Watch the video then go look at her amazing cover – girl is smoking hot.

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Photo credit: YouTube/FHM