Is Mila Kunis engaged to Ashton Kutcher?

Mila Kunis was spotted the other day wearing what appears to be an engagement ring leading to much speculation (and consternation) that Mila and Ashton Kutcher are engaged.

Mila Kunis has been called a lot of things in the past year. The sexiest woman in the world. The mainstream star guys most want to see do porn. The most f-ckable female celebrity. But nowhere in there did anyone wish for her to be called Mrs. Ashton Kutcher.

The good news: a “source” says that “they are not engaged.”

The bad news: Another “source” says “they plan to get engaged soon.”

So is this an end to Ashton Kutcher’s impressive list of conquests? If it is, he’ll first have to finalize his divorce from Demi Moore. Let’s hope that’s a really long, drawn-out process.

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